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Meet Charmaine

To say that I like traveling is an understatement. In fact it is incomplete. I like to travel and adventure. I had started this blog as a school project for web design and coding and had put it aside once I had finished school. Then COVID happened and I couldn't travel internationally and we started to change how we travel, I picked up the blog again to use it as a way to get in touch with my family and to share our travel experiences whether we are RV camping, Travel Trailer, going on a road trip or flying to our destinations. 

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Meet Kevin

Hello everybody! I am Kevin Warren. I am the family's bike enthusiast while also the expert navigator who likes to get us out of tricky situations specially when camping or navigating our way in a new city. I'm not one for planning, but I'm always up for anything when it comes to our travels. Since most of the places we visit are new to us I also make sure that safety is always our top priority, especially when we have our family with us.

Meet Georgia

She likes treats, sniffs and walkies. She is usually up for anything whether that is hiking, biking or running. Unless it is raining then she is tapping out

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